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Start-up help for entrepreneurs

We are passionate about giving valuable start-up help and encouraging entrepreneurship. We provide many different forms of valuable support.

Launching a new business from an idea is exciting, and often worrying. There are so many things to think of and it can be difficult to know what to do in what order. It may be a new idea or something you have wanted to explore for a long time.

Here is a flavour of some of the great start-up help services available to you;

Tailored One to One Support

One to one support helps you develop the skills to manage your businesses and deliver your services. We help instil self-belief, which for some, can be one of the most significant benefits.

Regular networking events

Informative interactive sessions give you an opportunity to make new contacts. It provides a forum to share ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Interactive workshops

This start-up help is delivered by Enterprise4All advisors and growth specialists. These events enable you to talk with other entrepreneurs. You will discover they are facing the same challenges. The workshops provide a means by which shared ideas and intelligence is are explored. They provide a platform for making valuable new contacts.

We cover important topics such as;

  • Business Planning
  • Scaling up your Business Idea
  • Marketing including Digital Media
  • Increasing Sales & Developing a Growth Strategy

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Drop in advice sessions for tailored start-up help

These are informal sessions organised each week across a variety of locations. The regular meet ups are informal drop in sessions for you to come and meet one of our expert advisors. The advisors can give start-up help on a variety of business matters. they can also help you to access some of the opportunities open to you

Drop in sessions are in Blackburn, Burnley and Preston

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Growth tools & techniques

Access to a wide variety of essential items to support your growth journey. helping you test and validate your business idea to enable it to achieve its full potential.

Access to a wide range of additional services

Through our partner organisations and stakeholder groups we can ensure you receive the support you need. This will help you to get your business off the ground and established.

The Cost

The best part about all of our services is the price. Thanks to our regular involvement in various funded projects, most of the business growth support we offer is completely FREE OF CHARGE… great news for aspiring entrepreneurs and growing businesses!

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us on 01254 693999 or request a call back below.

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