Corona Virus information for businesses in Lancashire

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As we see news reports and information across the media about the Corona Virus (COVID-19) It can be difficult to know what best practice for your business is. Here we have selected a series of informational links to help you decide what you need to do in order to protect yourself, your staff and those around your business.

In some cases, just informing staff and customers is all that is needed. As with everything being prepared and understanding what is needed is vital.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response – subscribe for updates

This web page offers the latest information about the situation in the UK, including guidance, publications and government announcements. You can subscribe to this page for updates. 


The current coronavirus situation in the UK

This link details the latest information about the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK with more details about the virus and its symptoms. From the Department of Social Care and Public Health England


Guidance for employers and businesses

During this period staff may have to be absent from work, and there will be many people confused as to what the symptoms are and what to do about them.

This link gives detailed information to help when providing advice to your staff on coronavirus, handling absence from work and minimising risk in your workplace. If someone suspected to have the virus has come into contact with your business offices/place of work, you can contact your local Health Protection Team for guidance.


Find your nearest Health Protection Team:

ACAS have also produced guidance for employers and employees:


Coronavirus: decontamination in non-healthcare settings

In terms of providing information and guidance on cleaning and decontamination for workplaces, offices, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, student accommodation and other non-healthcare settings.


Other non-clinical settings such as in education, transport and social care Website:

Travel advice

For anyone travelling with business or for pleasure current guidance following the outbreak of coronavirus can be found here.


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