Do it yourself Digital Marketing

There is no getting away from it the world is in the Digital age. If you are at a loss about what to do to improve your online presence, we can help. If you don’t know how to manage your google maps, business profile or your searchability it may be time to get serious about the processes and understand it better. It is as important as you grow your business as it is when you are starting out.

Some interesting but scary facts

o 3.5 million searches are carried out in Google every day (2019)

o The average google search lasts less than 1 minute

o More than a third of searches have over words

o It is still growing at 10% a year.

Some interesting behavioural aspects about people

o We are far less patient online than when doing things face to face, if a page does not load in under 3 seconds we don’t bother.

o If a business has poor reviews, we are less trusting of it.

o If online information is not attractive, we will not read it we have no patience online.

o If text is confusing, we will not attempt to read it we want instant answers to questions

Human V’s algorithm

Google and other search platforms are ran by algorithms which look at words and labels, the frequency and organisation of words and in code. Algorithms also look at statistics and think that if more people visit a page it MUST be of interest. The opposite is true if people visit and don’t stay, algorithms think it must be wrong for that topic.

Humans on the other hand like fast information easy to digest on a small space like a phone. They like, pictures videos and some words. They don’t see code at all.

Humans can be more easily influenced to make quick decisions based on emotions; yet, they can be looking with different mindsets. Humans look for inspiration, research and reaffirm purchases at different times. It is necessary to fulfil all these needs.

So therein lies the difficulty to have a noticeable online presence. Both human and algorithm need satisfying for anyone to find your business and then engage with it. This applies to your website or online shop, and to your other types of social media and online activity.

The Web

Your digital presence is like one massive spiders web and getting everything linked up is extremely important. Links backlinks and API links all help make sure everything you do works together. Have you noticed how the experts do this? If you visit a website one morning, you get a FaceBook sponsored add later that day. This is all part of this process of linking and embedding everything.

Outsourcing Digital

Whilst there are lots of companies out there that can build websites, that is just the beginning, getting a website to perform is the key to digital success. If no one finds your beautiful site it’s pointless. If you are looking to outsource things it will pay if you have a level of understanding about how it works.

How Enterprise4All can help

It’s a minefield knowing where to start so we offer independent advice at our drop-in sessions and our advisors can help point you in the right direction. If they can not answer your questions they will know where to go to get them answered. The solution may be to attend a FREE workshop that can take you through how it all works.

See our workshops

The Digital Marketing for Growth workshops

These workshops are ran by specialists in digital marketing, they are able to help, offer simple steps to ensure your business is visible. We know that it can be hard to follow, so over the last 3 years we have developed sessions that can be easily digested with practical steps that you can use straight away. The courses do not assume you have any knowledge at all, and you are with people in the same situation, it helps to see that other people have the same struggles.

The Digital Marketing for Growth workshops have been popular and have helped lots of start-ups and growing businesses improve their position online. In some cases, businesses have gone on to outsource this element of their business but have said at least they feel more confident in knowing what they need.

Some comments from attendees

“Do you know what, just adding my business to Google maps and getting that right has made a huge difference. I not only heard about it at the workshop I set it up and linked it during the session for my own business. I get calls from there all the time”


“I attended one of the workshops on digital marketing, I admit I was a little overwhelmed by it all before I went. Now I get it more than ever, it was presented in a way I could grasp the different elements and I have even started to write some blogs.”


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