Become your own boss

Do you dream of quitting your job and starting your own business, like in the films? Great stories of successful entrepreneurs resonate like Mark Zuckerberg, James Dyson and Jo Malone. Unfortunately, in reality it’s not that easy, but it is possible! Even when you work a 9-5 routine workday, work night shifts or work part time, you could start your own business! All it takes is an idea, a dream, a plan…

The benefits of becoming your own boss

Starting your own business leads to becoming your own boss which comes with a wide range of benefits. Such as:

• Flexibility – the flexibility of when you work and how you structure things is a major advantage.
• Schedule – YOU create YOUR own schedule, so you have the freedom to do other things.
• Control- You have total control of your future and have no one to answer to except yourself.

It all starts with a business idea; then you need some help to get started. A great business idea doesn’t have to be something that is going to turn into a big multi-million business (although that would be nice) If you have a passion for it then it will be a great business idea. Many people turn hobbies into businesses because they have a passion for them and so many people running small businesses say, “if you like what you do you will never work a day in your life”.

How can Enterprise4All help?

Here at Enterprise4All we love to support entrepreneurship, which is why we provide start-up businesses with valuable support, we believe this is one of the crucial parts in starting a business. Starting your own business can feel daunting, you have so many things to think about.

Some of the services Enterprise4All are able to offer to help you on your way are;

Drop in Advice sessions

We host regular drop-in sessions where you can meet our specialist Business Advisors for a FREE impartial and honest assessment of your idea. The advisors can help with suggestions and have access to contacts to help put in place your ideas and help turn it into a business. Even if you’re not sure of exactly what you want to do or what the exact business idea is but fancy joining the thousands of local entrepreneurs, we’ve supported to be their own boss then book in to see an advisor at the FREE informal drop in sessions.

• Cotton Court (Preston)
• The Hub Turf Moor Burnley
• Enterprise4All Blackburn.

Call us and have a chat.

One to one support

One to one support helps you to develop the necessary skills to manage your business and deliver your services effectively. It can help prevent you making costly mistakes. It can be a lonely step to make and having an advisor can help you progress. The support is tailored to your business needs.

Interactive workshops

We provide free workshops hosted by Enterprise4All advisors and growth specialists to help you develop new skills. As a business owner you will need to have a clear structure and plan for your business which needs to be thought through and tested. This also gives you the chance to talk to other entrepreneurs who may be facing similar problems. Click here to see a list of the upcoming workshops.

Networking Events

Networking events are free to attend for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. These informative and interactive sessions afford an opportunity to make new contacts and share ideas. It is great to meet other people taking the same steps as you, getting out there also helps you to start looking at how you will pitch your business.

Where to get started

If you have a business plan or you haven’t quite developed the ins and outs yet but have some general ideas, please contact us to find out how we can help you kick-start your business.

REMEMBER: It all starts with an idea.

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