Day: 20 September 2019

Do it yourself Digital Marketing

There is no getting away from it the world is in the Digital age. If you are at a loss about what to do to improve your online presence, we can help. If you don’t know how to manage your google maps, business profile or your searchability it may be time to get serious about…

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How to be your own social media expert

Even if you don’t like social media and what it stands for personally, you can no longer ignore it as a business tool. Businesses are waking up to the fact that social media is now a must have for their business. Social Media is a channel of communication between a brand and its customers, a…

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Become your own boss

Do you dream of quitting your job and starting your own business, like in the films? Great stories of successful entrepreneurs resonate like Mark Zuckerberg, James Dyson and Jo Malone. Unfortunately, in reality it’s not that easy, but it is possible! Even when you work a 9-5 routine workday, work night shifts or work part…

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