Our 2018 Predictions for SMEs

Our 2018 Predictions for SMEs – The ever-changing nature of industries cannot be undermined. Nor can it be ignored, since a transforming marketplace can have major implications for the success of your business. Exogenous changes are often beyond your control, and present significant challenges, but they also present new opportunities for your company.

2018 is likely to be another year where the workplace continues to evolve rapidly towards remote working. Less than a third of employees spent all their time working in an office in 2017, and this figure is likely to fall further in the coming year. Ensuring that you and your employees can adopt a more flexible way of working can lead to enhanced productivity, and benefit your business in the long-term.

Another industry shift in 2018 will be how SMEs market their business. Up until till now, the majority of cross-channel strategic advertising has been conducted by large organisations. However, it is expected that smaller firms will begin to adopt integrated marketing approaches which could massively contribute to growth potential.

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