Survive your first year in Business

Starting up your own business is so often considered a risky venture, even though a substantial proportion of enterprises survive their first year in operation. Despite this, start-up is still the toughest phase in a business’ life cycle.

Focusing directly on your customer is absolutely vital for your business to survive. You must be attuned to the needs and wants of your customer, and if you are able to effectively deliver a product or service which customer’s desire, then sales will closely supervene.


Another essential aspect to ensure first year survival is ensuring that you re-invest back into the company. The first money you make should go into product development, marketing, or any other activity which can help your business grow.

Finally, the most crucial step to survive your first year is to seek professional support from the start. Entrepreneurs often attempt to do everything themselves, but this can be a poor strategy, as the fantastic benefits of seeking support are not acquired.

Do not make the decisive mistake of not seeking support. Contact us on 01254 693999, and discover how we can not only guide you to business survival, but help achieve your business dream.