Rock-It Media Attends ‘Working together to Help our Communities’ Event

Today we embarked on a networking event and meet up in the local community of Blackburn. We heard about the event on The event was called ‘‘Working together to Help our Communities’’ on 6th February 2018 at Audley Community Centre, Blackburn. We arrived at the venue on an unusually snowy morning and were kindly introduced

We arrived at the venue on an unusually snowy morning and were kindly introduced to the friendly and helpful Enterprise4all team. We then were seated at our table and helped ourselves to coffee and biscuits which were all around the venue.

We sat down and introduced ourselves to the rest of the table. We then got talking and actually met a couple of business people that were on the Enterprise4all Programme. There was Barbara who makes hampers and Ian who heads a lettings startup. Both stood up and demonstrated how beneficial Enterprise4all has been in helping them and their business grow. They learnt the step by step processes how to monetise their brand and solutions on how to market in the local area. What was apparent to me was how confident they were conducting their speech.

Having sat down watching the presentation I couldn’t help but think the effort that the team had put into it and the passion they projected showing their enthusiasm of the local community. Alongside this, there were presentations from the CEO Rafik Adam, the Relationship Manager Sajid Mahmud and from various people on the Enterprise4all programme.

Their presentations main focus was to create links in the local community for local businesses to thrive and raise awareness, emphasising on the BME community. Giving local business a focal point on if and when they need advice then Enterprise4all is there for them.

We then went to an interval for 15 minutes and then commenced group activities. These activities were on problems with inclusion and also listing three achievements people have completed in recent times. This managed to get tables in touch with their creative and artistic side with chocolates going to the best designs.

The event finally served a plethora of traditional south Asian food was served to the attendees as a thank you for the turnout for the local BME community and there was a chance to network in the hall.

To conclude, the event was remarkably beneficial in connecting local businesses and the local community together and Enterprise4all did a great job and most of all it was free using the local community centre and free food. What more could you want!