Investing in Work Experience: the vital step to employability

Work experience is truly a win-win experience for both company and intern, and so cannot be looked past for both parties.

Entrepreneurs can greatly prosper from hiring motivated individuals. They can bring new energy to the team, which can involve fresh ideas which the business may have been craving for a long time. These new ideas can allow the business to make leaps forward, and achieve their long-term objectives, which may have for so long eluded the firm. And even though you might initially employ on a temporary basis, a fixed-term placement can be used as a trial period, to see if the individual would be a valuable member of the team in the long-term.

University is regarded as a challenging, but ultimately, a worthwhile experience. It provides the opportunity for adolescents to become more well-rounded, skilled individuals, who graduate with a degree. However, graduating with a 2:1 honours degree does not guarantee employment, in the slightest. Neither does having undertaken industrial work, but it certainly enhances graduates’ prospects massively, which is why it cannot be neglected.

Work experience can be obtained in several forms, most commonly in the form of a year in industry, or a summer placement. They provide students with the opportunity to gain invaluable skills. The skills gained will vary from sector to sector, but will be acknowledged by future employers, who commonly prefer, and in some cases require candidates to possess certain prowess. So, work experience can present the chance for students to obtain skills which they can essentially differentiate themselves with when searching for a job in a very competitive labour market.

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