How to harness the power of Social Media

Social media usage is becoming increasingly common amongst SMEs, and this comes as no surprise either since it is a very powerful and cost-efficient tool. If utilised well, it can serve as a very effective marketing device.

One of the most crucial ways to harness the power of social media is to ensure that you post ‘good’ content. People often get drawn up with what channels to use, and where to share content. But the initial priority must be to make your content engaging, and ensure that it is relevant to your audience.

An effective strategy is also critical to maximising the power of social media. As is the case with all business strategies deployed, you must have a plan on how you will use social media to help you achieve your business’ long-term objectives. A plan will help you to maintain direction, and track your progress.

Using social media or marketing in general to achieve business growth, are areas which enterprise4all can help through 1-2-1 support, and insightful workshops.

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