DIY Marketing Delight For Clients

Entrepreneurs gathered to participate in a ‘Do- It- Yourself Marketing’ workshop, as part of the Boost Growth Support Programme, offered by Enterprise4all. Topics discussed included the effectiveness of different social media platforms, and what information should be communicated to customers.

Attendees found the workshop beneficial in differing ways, and Daniel O’Connor from World 360 found that the main aspect of the session which helped him was that it helped to better understand themselves as a business, which in turn assisted when considering how to portray themselves to customers.

Along with other participants, Daniel expressed how he would recommend other businesses in a similar position to attend workshops of a similar nature. As World360 operates in a niche market, Daniel believes it is particularly important for similar businesses to acquire relevant marketing information.

Another key aspect of the workshop was to present ideas to businesses which they could go away and implement into their marketing plan. Hayley Caine from Selling Made Easier has reacted to advice obtained by posting several blogs on her website, and making investments in social media.

The workshop also presented the opportunity for businesses at similar stages to share their experiences with one another, which involved attendees offering valuable advice amongst themselves. Mohammed Khalid from 24 Hours Healthcare Ltd expressed that he found it useful to hear other businesses ideas, and what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.

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