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Our 2018 Predictions for SMEs

Our 2018 Predictions for SMEs – The ever-changing nature of industries cannot be undermined. Nor can it be ignored, since a transforming marketplace can have major implications for the success of your business. Exogenous changes are often beyond your control, and present significant challenges, but they also present new opportunities for your company.

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Survive your first year in Business

Starting up your own business is so often considered a risky venture, even though a substantial proportion of enterprises survive their first year in operation. Despite this, start-up is still the toughest phase in a business’ life cycle.

Focusing directly on your customer is absolutely vital for your business to survive. You must be attuned to the needs and wants of your customer, and if you are able to effectively deliver a product or service which customer’s desire, then sales will closely supervene.

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Investing in Work Experience: the vital step to employability

Work experience is truly a win-win experience for both company and intern, and so cannot be looked past for both parties.

Entrepreneurs can greatly prosper from hiring motivated individuals. They can bring new energy to the team, which can involve fresh ideas which the business may have been craving for a long time. These new ideas can allow the business to make leaps forward, and achieve their long-term objectives, which may have for so long eluded the firm. And even though you might initially employ on a temporary basis, a fixed-term placement can be used as a trial period, to see if the individual would be a valuable member of the team in the long-term.

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DIY Marketing Delight For Clients

Entrepreneurs gathered to participate in a ‘Do- It- Yourself Marketing’ workshop, as part of the Boost Growth Support Programme, offered by Enterprise4all. Topics discussed included the effectiveness of different social media platforms, and what information should be communicated to customers.

Attendees found the workshop beneficial in differing ways, and Daniel O’Connor from World 360 found that the main aspect of the session which helped him was that it helped to better understand themselves as a business, which in turn assisted when considering how to portray themselves to customers.

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Meet our new intern

Enterprise4all’s newest addition to the team is Shwuaib Malik, whose role involves the planning, and execution of the company’s marketing strategy. More specifically, he will be focusing on the businesses digital marketing plan moving forward, which involves assessing various social media platforms.

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We’ve got your back, so you can have more FRONT!

As business specialists for small businesses, we understand that your requirements are unique and that the types of business insurance on offer can be confusing,

So to help you make the right choices, we’ll compare business insurance quotes tailored to your needs from public liability insurance for injury and property damage, to employers’ liability insurance for your staff and freelancers.

We offer the core covers you need, plus specific options for a range of risks, such as professional indemnity insurance, or protection for your business equipment.

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